As of February 15, 2018. Note: These are indicative rates only and may change
without prior notice. For updated rates and other inquiries, please call our Head
Office at 845-5482, 845-9476, 845-5948, or 845-5255. BPI Forex Corporation
reserves the right to ask for additional documentation, if deemed necessary.

Indicative Foreign Exchange Rates, PRINT PAGE. Note: These are indicative
rates only and may change without prior notice. For the updated rates, please call
845-5538 or 845-5432. About BPI Forex | Main Office & Forex Stations.
Currencies. Buying (in Philippine Peso). Selling (in Philippine Peso). US Dollar.
46.8200 …

BPI Forex Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank of the Philippine
Islands (BPI) established in response to increasing foreign exchange demand
following a liberalized foreign exchange environment in the country. It delivers
hassle – free service and offers very attractive exchange rates for your currencies.

… Indicative Foreign Exchange Rates; Frequently Asked Questions. 1. What
products does BPI Forex Corporation offer? BPI Forex Corporation buys and sells
notes of widely traded foreign currencies. 2. Does BPI Forex Corporation only
deal in US Dollars? BPI Forex Corporation can also transact in other major
currencies …

The Online FX facility uses the current foreign exchange rates. These rates are
indicative only and may change without prior notice. The facility follows the
trading hours of the Philippine Dealing System, which starts at 9:30 AM and ends
at 3:30 PM Philippine Time. Similarly, the facility will not be available during
weekends …

*Effective 31 December 2017, BPI Europe's account with Barclays will be
deactivated. For your transfers, kindly pay in directly to your GBP Star Account
with us. To avoid inconvenience, you may wish to set-up direct transfer from your
UK bank account to this account immediately. Exchange Rates Friday, 16
February 2018 …

List of Currencies. Main · Main Office and Forex Stations; List of Currencies;
Indicative Foreign Exchange Rates · Frequently Asked Questions. Aside from the
US Dollar, BPI Forex Corporation transacts in the following currencies: Arab
Emirates Dirham ( AED); Australian Dollar (AUD); Bahrain Dinar (BHD); Brunei
Dollar …