CitiBusiness® Foreign Exchange Services. Regardless of whether you're paying
or receiving funds in foreign currencies, doing business internationally adds a
new element of risk to your financial management processes. Breathe a little
easier knowing Citibank has a team of FX experts dedicated to small business

Convert a wide range of currencies and transfer funds securely across the globe.
International clients need a truly global bank, and Citi International Personal
Bank understands that, as part of your investment management, you need to
manage your wealth in a range of different currencies, and transfer money

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Exchange rates. Exchange at convenient rates. The following foreign currency
rates are valid for private individuals and CitiProfession clients. Foreign currency
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Jan 6, 2010 Answer 1 of 8: The exchange rate at Citibank was $1.52 per euro. If I purchased
more than 1000 … I never buy foreign currency from banks anymore, and I have
never had a problem with the ATM's upon arrival or in changing euros or dollars
to whatever currency I need. If the "what ifs" of life make some …

Jun 25, 2006 It is one thing to pay a higher than normal price for a drink on the Champs
Élysées, but paying more than you need to exchange currency is a real waste of
… But, if you use your Citibank card to withdraw money from your checking
account at a foreign Citibank A.T.M., there's still a foreign exchange fee of 1 …