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And when you get home, you can change your currency back to dollars and cents at your friendly hometown currency exchange. If you prefer, you can order your travel money online and pick it up in at the Main Link, McNamara Terminal.e, Departures in Detroit or we can have it delivered to your doorstep.

FCE Services helps you buy currency online, in person or over the phone. We have over 28 years of experience, and all of your currency solutions. Call (866) 553-6739, visit us in Birmingham, MI or online.

Travelex Currency Exchange locations are available for passengers at the North Terminal and the McNamara Terminal. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport McNamara Terminal: 2514 Worldgateway Place Bldg. 830. Detroit MI 48242. Monday – Sunday Departures (Central Link near A38): Phone: (734) 941-1202

Buy foreign currency before you travel overseas. Foreign money exchange works when you return home as well. Exchange your foreign money back to US Dollars. Convert British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Euros and more back to US Dollars.

Sep 3, 2016 – What $1 U.S. buys in foreign currency: 65 Russian rubles. 7.55 Guatemalan quetzals. $1.76 Bulgarian levs. $1.33 Australian dollars. 103.anese yen. $1.31 Canadian dollars. .80 euros. .75 British pounds.