Jan 31, 2017 Applying Pivot Points to the FX Market. Generally speaking, the pivot point is seen as the primary support or resistance level. The following chart is a 30-minute chart of the currency pair GBP/USD with pivot levels calculated using the daily high, low and close prices.

Trading Pivot Points. Be bearish when the price is below the main pivot point. Be bullish when the price is above the main pivot point. Go long if the price bounces from S1, S2, or S3. Go short if the price bounces from R1, R2, or R3.

Aug 5, 2016 Ability to correctly determine key points on the price chart is one of the basic
conditions of the effective trading. Forex Pivot strategy is one of the simplest and
effective trade techniques for the high intraday volatility markets. Forex the Pivot
Points trading Strategy at levels are applied to the technicalysis …

The following pivot point trading strategy has been around for a long time. It was
originally used by floor traders. This was a nice and easy way for floor traders to
have an idea of where the market was going during the course of the day using
just a few basic calculations. The pivot point is defined as the level at which the …

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