Both the options market and currency markets provide serious potential for significant gains – but which one is right for you? … When trading options, you invest in the contracts that can move stocks, ETFs, or index products. When trading in Forex, you're seeking to profit from fluctuating currency rates.

Jan 31, 2016 In the case of guessing correctly, both trading options provide strong profit potential. However, there are some differences between binary options and forex. In a binary market, traders only guess whether, such as a foreign currency, will go up or down in value over a fixed period of time.

Options Trading allows you to buy or sell options on large amounts of stock,
futures etc. that you feel will either go up or down in price over a certain period of
time. As with Forex Trading, you can leverage your buying power to control more
stock or futures for instance, than you could have normally. However, there are …

May 9, 2017 There are many different types of trades that can be made on the market today, in
this blog we take a look at two popular types: Options Trading vs Forex.

The decision to trade stocks, forex or futures contracts is often based on risk
tolerance, account size and convenience. If an active trader is not available
during regular market hours to enter, exit or properly manage trades, stocks are
not the best option. However, if an investor's market strategy is to buy and hold for
the long …