Jan 26, 2016 That includes websites like TransferWise, Canadian Forex, XE Trade, NorthStar and Payline by International Currency Exchange. Other companies, like Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, do transactions over the phone. … In the trade, this is known as "using a friend as an ATM."

May 15, 2012 I called Knightsbridge to get a rate, and here are the comparisons on 18,000 (I
checked the rate on them all within the span of 30 seconds): Xe.com … it's not a
scam. 🙂 Companies like Firma can save you between 2-4% over the bank
exchange rates because they deal in currency exchange all day long.

Oct 11, 2017 I have been working at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange full-time. Pros. – Start Up
Feel – Lunch is provided when busy. Cons. – Micro Management – Favoritism for
specific staff members – Overall team culture is horrible. Advice to Management.
Try being a more fair and provide a culture that is going to make …